Why do I need Windows Vista?

In OS on 24 January, 2006 at 8:48 am

Manuel Clement, Designer of Microsoft’s upcoming Expression Suite (a set of tools to aid in software development), blog about why you will need Windows Vista after people keep insisting that Windows Vista is actually Windows XP SP3 and nothing more.  He gave a list of 15 things that differentiate Windows Vista from Windows XP.

My take is that people are falling into the trap of negative publicity.  After Microsoft announce that it is removing WinFS (the future storage system that will revolutionize how we interact with Computer), skeptics are putting off Windows Vista as just another service pack.  After playing around with Windows Vista December CTP for about 2 weeks, my  point of view is that Windows Vista is a substantial step forward.  Though it has its own set of problems now, it is still in beta, when it finally ships, it will be better than Windows XP.

  1. When it finally ships I would hopeVista it will be better than XP, given the price tag it’s going to ca
    rry – unfortunately I think it is likely to be only incrementally better. I don’t think the new file
    system will do much to revolutionise the way we interact with Windows. Mac OS X and Linux users already have journaling, indexed file system
    s which make searching for data a snap, Windows is the one very much out of step in this regard. There is no good reason why Windows today
    couldn’t have a decent file finder and document searching system (like Google Desktop) already. The biggest hurdle has been Microsoft’s his
    toric lack of consideration for the end user experience when it comes to their operating systems. Though of course, I should temper that by saying I’ve not actually tried Vista yet. The list was somewhat interesting, but in terms of scope and features it seems a lot like like Apple’s last update from 10.3 (Panther) to 10.4 (Tiger), rather than something really significant. i.e. It’s decent software, and possibly worth the money to upgrade, but not a spectacular improvement from an end-user perspective.

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