What’s in a name?

In Personal on 25 January, 2006 at 6:17 am

It appear that a name will cause confusion even in a serious place like the court.  Recently, I have read an article in The Straits Times, that talk about this guy, let’s call him Huat.  Huat went to the court to hear out his charge, which gave out a fine and he paid the fine immediately.  But later on, Huat was arrested on the charge of not appearing in court after a summon was given out to him.  There he was, back in the court, and the judge ask him what he has to say.  Huat told him that he did answer his charge and produce the receipt to prove that he even made the payment for his fine.  That is when the court realize that there was a mistake, there is another guy with the exact same name as Huat with the exact same offense.  Huat turn up to answer for the other guy charge and paid the fine for the other guy.  Thus the court revised the sentence and make the fine that the original Huat paid effective for his own charge.  Huat later on told his wife that at least he gain some experience about court order.


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