Office 12

In Software on 26 January, 2006 at 3:09 pm

After using the Office 12 Beta-1 for 2 days, I feel that the office team has really made a big step forward, especially in the user experience space.  The toolbar and menu bar have been replace with a so called “ribbon”, something like a tabbed toolbar.


“Ribbon” (click to enlarge)

The ribbon is task oriented.  Right on top are things that you would want to do to your document.  In this case for Excel 12, if you want to do any insertion, you just need to click on the Insert button and the “ribbon” will change to shows all command related to insertion.  For example, for this version the first thing you will see when you click insert is the pivot table.  When you click on the pivot table, a side bar will pop up on the right, prompting you what to do next.  When the pivot table is inserted, clicking on the table, and you will notice that the “ribbon” will show another button right on top, this is the so call “contextual ribbon” at work.  Clicking on this new button will give you all the command related to the pivot table.

Because of the “ribbon”, my work became more efficient.  That’s a good step forward.


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