IE 7 Beta 2 is out

In Software on 1 February, 2006 at 12:57 pm

Currently, the new beta will only work with WinXP SP2.  I guess Windows Vista will get the IE 7 Beta 2 in their upcoming Feb CTP.  New to IE 7 is the new interface, which get rid of the old bulky toolbar, and let you see more of the web page. Next is the tabbed browsing (this should not be anything new to users of Firefox and Safari) which let you open several web sites in a single instance of IE 7 using tabs.  Then you have the new built-in search box on the top right corner, this search box even let you select your own favourite search engine like Google, Yahoo and so on.  Another new feature is the RSS Feeds which let you view the headlines and post from your favourite blogs or websites.  Last but not least, is the new phishing detection engine, which let you know whether a website is really just a phishing site.

You can get the beta here.


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