Playing game can earn you money

In Gaming on 1 February, 2006 at 8:07 am

Not by actually playing the game yourself.  I have read a news article that talk about how Chinese “businessman” in China employ less educated Chinese to play the game World of Warcraft.  These “employee” are suppose to gold “mine” 400 virtual gold coin everyday and be paid S$4 each day.  Most of them work 12 hour a day.  Since the standard of living in China is still quite low as compared to those of developed countries, this is good money.  The “businessman” will then re-sold these virtual gold coin in bundle of 2,000 for US$100.  This is S$20 (5 “employee” to get 2,000 gold coin per day) for S$163, a profit of roughly 7 times the cost.  This is very good money indeed.


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