Urban Legend?

In Personal on 23 March, 2006 at 7:02 pm

No this is the truth, at least according to one famous lawyer in Singapore.

One fine young man (incidentally he is a Singaporean) was in Hong Kong one fine day.  He met an old man on the street who asked him whether he can treat an old man to a bowl of hot noodle.  Taking a pity on the old man who seems to be making ends meet by collecting cardboard, cans and such things that are thrown away, this fine young man agreed to treat the old man to a bowl of noodle.

While eating his bowl of noodle, the old man praised the young man for being so kind, then asked him for one last favour.  He asked the young man whether he can help an old man to settle some of his stuff when the time come for the old man to meet his ancestors.  The young man thinking that such a simple old man will not get complicated with his will, agreed to help.  So the delighted old man asked the young man for his full name and passport number.

Several years later the young man got a call from a lawyer from Hong Kong, saying that the old man has passed away and in his will he asked the young man to help settle his properties and wealth.  The young man said that was true and was shock to find out that the old man is a multi-millionaire and under Hong Kong law, he will get a 5% of the total settlement as a comission.  That amount turns out to be a whopping US$5 milliion.

So next time you get to Hong Kong, treat those old folks nicely, you never know…


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