Windows Vista is delayed till January 2007

In OS on 23 March, 2006 at 6:40 pm

So its official.  It has been delayed.

Do I care?  Yes I think I do.  Its a disappointment.  After waiting for a September 2006 release, it is now a January 2007.  But I would rather get a quality software rather than a half-baked one.  So a delay really is better than Microsoft rushing the product and then users need to wait for a service pack to solve their problems.  So I hope Windows Vista will really be a good one after 2 delay.

But I think that a January 2007 date is all thanks to PC makers since businesses can still get their hands on Windows Vista in November 2006 as long as they purchase volume license.  PC makers can’t really get their act together to release their PC pre-installed with Windows Vista earlier if Microsoft release Windows Vista in November (at least they can’t meet the holiday season).

So those people who DIY their system got to wait 2 more months to a January 2007.


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