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East side is hotter

In Personal on 28 April, 2006 at 7:11 pm

It seems that this year electoral contest happen all at the east side of our island, except for some Single Member Constituences (SMCs).  East side will see all the battles and hear all the rallies, but west side will seem much forgotten.  This is because all Group Representitive Constituences (GRCs) on the west side of Singapore have been taken by PAP on nomination day because they are all uncontested.

Electoral contest during Singapore General Election 2006

Opposition parties seems to have gang up together and contest only the east side of Singapore island.  One of my friend suggested that this is because east side resisdents are more well off than their west side counterpart, thus they will be more willing to vote in the opposition.  This is quite true as richer people will care less about bread and butter issues and focus more on other intellectual issues like the need to have an alternative voice in the parliament.

I would like to believe that the opposition have done their homework and gather a certain statistic from the past elections that shows east side being more supportive of the opposition.  If this is true then it will mean that opposition have become more organize and one day they will really be of a first world standard.


PAP was not return to power on Nomination day

In Personal on 27 April, 2006 at 1:55 pm

So this is a change since 1988 election.  PAP walkover with only 37 seats out of a possible 84, 6 shy of the majority that they need to form the government.  The opposition parties fielded a total of 47 candidates to deny PAP a return to power on Nomination day.

I think that the opposition parties are finding that the by-election effect is more detrimental.  With opposition parties all trying to grow, contesting less than 42 seats will definitely result in multi-corner fights, which always turn out to be in favour of the ruling party.

The by-election strategy is also not effective enough.  After implementing the by-election effect in 1991, which see them winning 4 seats, the next 2 elections see their seats maintain at 2.  Compare with 1991, PAP gain 4% of total vote cast in 1997 and a further 10% in 2001.  Thus this shows that the by-election strategy wasn’t effective (though you can say that this is because PAP counter the strategy with upgrading benefit).

So will PM Lee at the strong mandate that he wants?  This will only be known at the end of Saturday 6th May 2006.

Rainy day

In Personal on 27 April, 2006 at 7:26 am

There is something funny in Singapore during rainy days and I don’t know whether is it just us or this is happening in other countries as well.  Somehow during rainy days, Singaporean forgot how to drive.  There will always be accident on rainy days and you can bet on it that all the major express way will be jam with cars due to these accidents.

Today is no exception.  It rain and the jam is right in front.  Thus the usual journey took an extra 20mins to complete.  Is it because most Singaporean don’t change their tyres even though the tyres are already bald?  I just wonder.

Will PAP be returned to power on Nomination day?

In Personal on 26 April, 2006 at 1:55 pm

So tomorrow is Nomination day for Singapore.  It will be such an interesting day, as we will then know whether PAP will once again be returned to power on Nomination day.  This was a tactic devised by opposition party to create a by-election effect.  Since Singaporean was afraid to vote down PAP, by not contesting more than half of the electoral seats, PAP will be returned to power on Nomination day, thus Singaporean will be more willing to vote in opposition candidates.

This by-election effect was created in 1991 and that year the opposition won 4 seats out of the possible 84, the highest number of seats ever won by the opposition.  This year, however, the opposition have decided not to use this tactic anymore and they have decided to contest 55 out of the total 84 seats.  But this might be just a tactic used by the opposition, all will only be confirmed on Nomination day, which is tomorrow.

We will know by noon tomorrow and it will be an interesting day.

Where’s my pointer!

In Programming on 26 April, 2006 at 10:40 am

The single most baffling thing about changing to program in C# from C++ is that pointer is not recommended.  So it will take some time to get use to it.  Especially when a lot of algorithm is base on using pointer to access certain data structure.

C# still contain pointer, in fact the syntax is exactly the same as that in C++, just that it is consider unsafe to use pointer.  Your program might access some invalid address using pointer method causing access violation and thus this is consider unsafe by C#.

I hope I can really manage to do without pointer.  I really hope so.

Finally, it is up to date

In Programming on 25 April, 2006 at 9:39 am

After such a long time, I’ve finally got my act together to make my test program up to date with the WinFX Feb CTP release.  Its not that the update need as long as 2 months  plus to make, just that I was really busy with other work related project.  The actual time I took was about 1 and a half day but the amount of changes that has gotten into WinFX was quite a lot.

First there was a change in the namespace URL, this update is making the URL official.  Then the various scripting parameters in XAML has changed, for example the way to refer to a ResourceDictionary is no longer just a single line.  It has changed to become a nested set of ResourceDictionary script.

So after clearing this hurdle, I will progress on to port my C++ code into C# code.  I am already getting into some serious obstacle but I will be clearing them step by step.

A National Sports

In Gaming on 24 April, 2006 at 6:42 am

Cybergaming is going to be considered as a national sports in Singapore.  The CyberSports Association has been endorsed by Team Singapore to select, train and manage national representatives for international cybergaming tournaments.  Gamers selected to join Cyber Team Singapore will receive official recognition from Team Singapore, which oversees the national teams for sports, and wear national colours in competitions.

I wonder anyone who wins a medal for Singapore will get the same prize money as if they win from Commonwealth games, South-East Asian games or even the Olympics?  How about sponsorship for professional gamers?  If these all comes true, then gaming can really be a career for future Singaporean just like other sports.

This would also be good news for Singapore as Singaporean seem to be more able to excel in cybergaming rather than other sports.  It is an easy hobby to take up but would it be an easy one if it become a competition?

And would Cybergaming one day be included in the Olympics?

FIFA Worldcup 2006

In Sports on 23 April, 2006 at 5:41 pm

So the worldcup is coming.  Finally.  46 Days left to be exact.  So 10th June 2006 is a day to stay up late and watch 22 people chase after a round object.  10th June because, though Germany 2006 starts on 9th June in Munich, it is already 10th June in Singapore.

So which team will I be supporting?  Argentina?  Brazil?  England?  I am really not sure this time round.  I’ve supported Brazil in 2002, but I’ve always like Argentina.  England is a team that I wish will win finally, after such a long wait from their previous victory.

Something that is puzzling me though.  Why must original football jersey be so expensive?  Over S$100 each.  Really must it be so expensive?  When would I earn enough to think that S$100 is not expensive?  Its not that I can’t afford it, but it is expensive, it is a price that I would need to think for a while before I would decide whether to spend it or not.

So would I be sporting a new jersey this coming worldcup?  Well… I don’t know.  And if I decide to just buy it, which one will it be?  Argentina?  Brazil?  England?

Glass? Can’t see which is the active window?

In OS on 21 April, 2006 at 11:48 am

So Paul Thurrott is reviewing again.  I must says that his review is often times quite good.  But this time round I feel that he is trolling.  Is it because he had run out of ideas to write already?

User Account Protection might be a bit annoying now, but I believe this is what interim and CTP releases are all about.  That is to find out what is wrong with the code and UI.  Although Microsoft claims feature complete but it doesn’t mean that UI can’t be tweak for better usability.  I have confident that Microsoft will get this right.

Glass window don’t highlight focus window, thus user won’t know which window is in focus?

Come on, I can tell which is the focus (or topmost) window with just one look.  I don’t even need to guess like what Mr. Thurrot is suggesting.  50% chance to get it right?  I believe you can do better than that.  The one on the right is the focus window, how do I tell?  Notice the close button is highlighted with a red tint but the one on the left is not?  That is the indication, the focus window is the one with the tinted red close button.  Not obvious enough?  I don’t think so.

Media Center is ugly?  This is so subjective.  I happens to think that the look is OK.  The navigation is also pretty OK, although I think that it needs some polish.

I feels that so far Windows Vista is quite OK as a successor to Windows XP.  It does not disappoint me.  Of course the performance needs to go up another few notches but other than that it is pretty OK.  I am actually looking forward for the launch day in January 2007.

Guild Wars Factions

In Gaming on 21 April, 2006 at 7:11 am

So Guild Wars is going to launch a new sequel.  I haven’t even played the game yet (not that I have even bought it yet)!  Guild Wars is supposed to be quite a nice game from what I’ve gather after reading tons and tons of reviews.  As a RPG, its definitely one game that I am interested to play, but somehow I really can’t find the time to play it and thus did not even buy the game.

Guild Wars Factions, the new sequel to Guild Wars, looks to be even more stunning.  ArenaNet introduce another world in Guild Wars Faction called Cantha.

Cantha will provide plenty of new visual thrills especially if you have a DirectX9 compatible graphic card.  The graphics engine from Guild Wars has been enhanced to provide full DirectX9 support.  With the usage of DirectX9 the level designers and artists have been able to realize some pretty amazing vistas. Stunning architecture, nice country side and even one that has structures build using Jade.  So get ready RPG fans and enjoy Guild Wars Factions.