Glass? Can’t see which is the active window?

In OS on 21 April, 2006 at 11:48 am

So Paul Thurrott is reviewing again.  I must says that his review is often times quite good.  But this time round I feel that he is trolling.  Is it because he had run out of ideas to write already?

User Account Protection might be a bit annoying now, but I believe this is what interim and CTP releases are all about.  That is to find out what is wrong with the code and UI.  Although Microsoft claims feature complete but it doesn’t mean that UI can’t be tweak for better usability.  I have confident that Microsoft will get this right.

Glass window don’t highlight focus window, thus user won’t know which window is in focus?

Come on, I can tell which is the focus (or topmost) window with just one look.  I don’t even need to guess like what Mr. Thurrot is suggesting.  50% chance to get it right?  I believe you can do better than that.  The one on the right is the focus window, how do I tell?  Notice the close button is highlighted with a red tint but the one on the left is not?  That is the indication, the focus window is the one with the tinted red close button.  Not obvious enough?  I don’t think so.

Media Center is ugly?  This is so subjective.  I happens to think that the look is OK.  The navigation is also pretty OK, although I think that it needs some polish.

I feels that so far Windows Vista is quite OK as a successor to Windows XP.  It does not disappoint me.  Of course the performance needs to go up another few notches but other than that it is pretty OK.  I am actually looking forward for the launch day in January 2007.


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