Guild Wars Factions

In Gaming on 21 April, 2006 at 7:11 am

So Guild Wars is going to launch a new sequel.  I haven’t even played the game yet (not that I have even bought it yet)!  Guild Wars is supposed to be quite a nice game from what I’ve gather after reading tons and tons of reviews.  As a RPG, its definitely one game that I am interested to play, but somehow I really can’t find the time to play it and thus did not even buy the game.

Guild Wars Factions, the new sequel to Guild Wars, looks to be even more stunning.  ArenaNet introduce another world in Guild Wars Faction called Cantha.

Cantha will provide plenty of new visual thrills especially if you have a DirectX9 compatible graphic card.  The graphics engine from Guild Wars has been enhanced to provide full DirectX9 support.  With the usage of DirectX9 the level designers and artists have been able to realize some pretty amazing vistas. Stunning architecture, nice country side and even one that has structures build using Jade.  So get ready RPG fans and enjoy Guild Wars Factions.


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