FIFA Worldcup 2006

In Sports on 23 April, 2006 at 5:41 pm

So the worldcup is coming.  Finally.  46 Days left to be exact.  So 10th June 2006 is a day to stay up late and watch 22 people chase after a round object.  10th June because, though Germany 2006 starts on 9th June in Munich, it is already 10th June in Singapore.

So which team will I be supporting?  Argentina?  Brazil?  England?  I am really not sure this time round.  I’ve supported Brazil in 2002, but I’ve always like Argentina.  England is a team that I wish will win finally, after such a long wait from their previous victory.

Something that is puzzling me though.  Why must original football jersey be so expensive?  Over S$100 each.  Really must it be so expensive?  When would I earn enough to think that S$100 is not expensive?  Its not that I can’t afford it, but it is expensive, it is a price that I would need to think for a while before I would decide whether to spend it or not.

So would I be sporting a new jersey this coming worldcup?  Well… I don’t know.  And if I decide to just buy it, which one will it be?  Argentina?  Brazil?  England?


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