PAP was not return to power on Nomination day

In Personal on 27 April, 2006 at 1:55 pm

So this is a change since 1988 election.  PAP walkover with only 37 seats out of a possible 84, 6 shy of the majority that they need to form the government.  The opposition parties fielded a total of 47 candidates to deny PAP a return to power on Nomination day.

I think that the opposition parties are finding that the by-election effect is more detrimental.  With opposition parties all trying to grow, contesting less than 42 seats will definitely result in multi-corner fights, which always turn out to be in favour of the ruling party.

The by-election strategy is also not effective enough.  After implementing the by-election effect in 1991, which see them winning 4 seats, the next 2 elections see their seats maintain at 2.  Compare with 1991, PAP gain 4% of total vote cast in 1997 and a further 10% in 2001.  Thus this shows that the by-election strategy wasn’t effective (though you can say that this is because PAP counter the strategy with upgrading benefit).

So will PM Lee at the strong mandate that he wants?  This will only be known at the end of Saturday 6th May 2006.


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