East side is hotter

In Personal on 28 April, 2006 at 7:11 pm

It seems that this year electoral contest happen all at the east side of our island, except for some Single Member Constituences (SMCs).  East side will see all the battles and hear all the rallies, but west side will seem much forgotten.  This is because all Group Representitive Constituences (GRCs) on the west side of Singapore have been taken by PAP on nomination day because they are all uncontested.

Electoral contest during Singapore General Election 2006

Opposition parties seems to have gang up together and contest only the east side of Singapore island.  One of my friend suggested that this is because east side resisdents are more well off than their west side counterpart, thus they will be more willing to vote in the opposition.  This is quite true as richer people will care less about bread and butter issues and focus more on other intellectual issues like the need to have an alternative voice in the parliament.

I would like to believe that the opposition have done their homework and gather a certain statistic from the past elections that shows east side being more supportive of the opposition.  If this is true then it will mean that opposition have become more organize and one day they will really be of a first world standard.


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