So PAP won 82 seats out of a possible 84 (Delayed news)

In Personal on 6 May, 2006 at 11:00 pm

So PAP has won 82 seats again, the same number they won for 1997 and 2001 GE.  However, the 2 oppositions has increased their share of votes in their 2 wards.  The WP managed to get about 62% in Hougang and the SDA managed to get about 55% in Potong Pasir.  A closely watch GRC turn out to be a strong win for PAP.  In Aljunied GRC, the PAP won with about 55% of total vote cast.

Overall, PAP won with an average of 66.6% of the total vote cast nation wide.  Some people find that this is not consider a strong mandate for the ruling party but I find that PAP is being modest.  This result can already be considered as a land slide victory.


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