Do not put this on

In Personal on 16 May, 2006 at 3:00 pm

An old lady in China found a stainless steel ring and decided to try it on.  To her horror, she can’t take it off.  No matter how hard she tried, the ring stay on.  No its not because the ring is a “cursed” ring, so it has no magical power to prevent someone from removing it.  Its just that the ring was too small for the old lady’s finger.  She must have forced it on.

The next day, her finger became swollen and it became very painful for her.  She decided to seek help at the hospital.  However the hospital did not has the necessary equipment to help her.  Instead the hospital staff brought her to a workshop that specialize in precision cutting and it took about 20 odd minutes for the ring to be freed from the old lady’s finger.  The old lady was thankful and vows not to repeat the mistake again.

Would you put a ring on if you found it?


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