What does AD and BC means?

In Personal on 21 May, 2006 at 3:00 pm

A lot of people will know or at least remember that BC means “Before Christ” but few will know or remember what AD means.  AD actually stands for “Anno Domini” and it is actually Latin for “in the year of Our Lord” which to Christian refers to Jesus Christ.

There is now a new trend to use CE to replace AD and BCE to replace BC.  CE stands for “Common Era” and BCE stands for “Before Common Era”.  This is so as to be sensitive to non-Christian.  The usage of CE and BCE is also more accurate than AD and BC.  Today technology reveals that Jesus Christ was not born in the year AD 1, but actually in the year 4 BC.  So to say that 1 BC is “Before Christ” is actually not very accurate.

Some people are saying that using CE and BCE is just trying to be “politically correct” but let’s forget about whether we are trying to be “politically correct” just remember that using CE and BCE is more for politeness, consideration and accuracy.


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