FIFA Worldcup 2006

In Sports on 22 May, 2006 at 3:00 pm

Its another 18 days before the actual kick off of the year’s hottest soccer event, the FIFA Worldcup 2006.  18 days seems to be very long, especially when the media has been hyping up the event to get it to become hotter and hotter.  Electronic Arts come to the rescue; It has launched a new game call 2006 FIFA Worldcup.  The game promises to quench your thirst before the real thing come this 9th June.

I was playing this game at my brother-in-law house.  The music, the atmosphere, the experience are all the closest you can get to experience the real thing; Especially when the graphic is so stunning.  Except for the occasional slow down, which can be tolerated, this game can definitely quench that thirst before the coming of the event.  My Brazil team has reached the knock out round with perfect score, I am now aiming for that coveted cup.


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