June is finally here!

In Sports on 1 June, 2006 at 3:00 pm

Worldcup 2006Yes June is finally here!  No its not about the school holiday, I have not been enjoying this kind of student’s privilege for quite sometimes already.  This is about the world’s hottest event; Yes, that’s right, the FIFA Worldcup 2006! Its June and the wait is finally going to be over.  The fever is going wild on 9th June; 8 more days to go.

How have I been preparing for the Worldcup?  First I’ve bought an Adidas mini match ball for decoration purpose and then I happen to bump into this shop at Suntec City that is selling this 3D Puzzleball by Ravensburger.  I’ve bought the Puzzleball and is using it as a display in my office instead of the actual mini match ball.  I will be playing around with the mini matchball at home when I watch the live telecast soccer match.  I’ve also bought a cheap Argentina polo-t, hunted around for a good magazine that give giant score sheet free with the current issue (in the end NewMan is the magazine that gives the largest score sheet complete with telecast schedule as well) and downloaded wallpaper of FIFA Worldcup.  I will be stocking up tidbits, drinks and maybe some fruits cocktail during this weekend as well.

World Cup 2006 Adidas Mini Match Ball

So all is ready, bring on the final!  Bring on the final!  Did I mention its 8 days to FIFA Worldcup 2006?

  1. yes it’s finally here,lol 😛 i’ve been waiting for June because my birthday is on June 9th,it’s coming soon!yahoo!:)

  2. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday in advance. Enjoy yourself!

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