My Prediction

In Sports on 2 June, 2006 at 3:00 pm

Worldcup 2006OK, I don’t usually do this kind of things for the World Cup, as I seldom look into my crystal ball.  So with the help of my faithful PuzzleBall, below is my prediction for the 16 teams that will get into the knockout round.  However the PuzzleBall did tell me that it would be better if I adjust my prediction after each teams played their first match.

So here goes:

  • Group A: Germany and Poland
  • Group B: England and Sweden
  • Group C: Argentina and Netherlands
  • Group D: Mexico and Portugal
  • Group E: Italy and Czech Republic
  • Group F: Brazil and Croatia
  • Group G: Korea Republic and Switzerland
  • Group H: Spain and Ukraine

I am hoping here that there will be no upset for those great teams, except for France, which will be beaten by both Korea Republic and Switzerland.  Ever since France beat Brazil in France 98, I have a dislike for France.  So when France crash out of the group stage without scoring even a single goal, I was a happy man and when Brazil finally lift the cup, it was euphoria!  Ole, ole, ole…


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