Why are we such a litter bug?

In Personal on 3 June, 2006 at 4:22 pm

Litters at PC Show 2006I went to PC Show 2006 at Suntec City yesterday.  Apart from the amazing amount of people there, there were also an amazing amount of litters everywhere.  Everywhere you walk you were bound to step on some thrown away brochures some where.  We are still very far away to become a litter free country.

Although the streets outside are clean and green, this is not due to the elegance of Singaporean, this is the work of our cleaners.  Can’t you just hold on to that several pieces of brochures before you reach a trash can?  At least I have done my part.  Those brochures that I have collected went with me all the way home till they rest in peace in the trash can.


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