Fever and fever

In Sports on 15 June, 2006 at 3:00 pm

I didn’t know that I will start my World Cup 2006 viewing sick.  Some how or rather I fell sick 2 days before the kick off of the World Cup 2006 and hasn’t fully recover when the ball was kick off at the Munich stadium on 9th June 2006.  So with still a bit of fever, I was catching the fever on my bed.  With a big head I saw how 6 goals were score in the first 90 min of the World Cup 2006.

The fever is still on, but it is not my fever, but the soccer fever.  And now all 32 teams has demonstrated their skill on the big world stage.  Germany is closer to getting into the round of 16; Brazil is such a disappointment; England has no creativity; Ecuador is such a surprise; Spain is stunning; Czech Republic shows how wrong the FIFA world ranking is by trouncing the rank 5 USA; And finally Argentina has hope.


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