A blunder

In Books on 16 June, 2006 at 3:00 pm

It is amazing how one’s mind remember something so vividly and forgot about other related things.  Recently I was feeling bored and decided to visit Borders to buy some books to read.  While I was there I clearly remember that I have one book that is the ending of a trilogy that I missed.  The trilogy is by Magaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and is called the Soverign Stone Trilogy and the last book name is Journey into the Void.  I have clearly remember that because the first book of the trilogy I have bought is one of a special package, thus wanting to make sure that all 3 look the same, I did not buy the last book when it came out because the type was different.  At that time when the last book was launched I wasn’t actively searching for the book with the correct type as my first book.  Then it happened, the last book went out of stock, it seems that either this trilogy is very popular or that the publisher had only printed limited copies of the book.

Thus later on I was searching frantically for the last book as I don’t want to miss the ending of such a well done trilogy by the masters (Magaret Weis and Tracy Hickman is the original author of the Dragonlance Chronicles).  I even wanted to order it on line.  Some how or rather, it wasn’t burnt into my mind that I have finally got it (it is of the same type some more).  Thus upon seeing the paperback version of the book on Border’s shelf, I bought it immediately.

When I reach home, I was eager to read it (imagine that I was still full of anticipation of the book).  After reading the first chapter, I have this feeling of De Javu.  After a few more, I have decided that I need to check my study room and see whether I have this book already or not.  It turns out that the last book of the trilogy is sitting snugly on my book shelf, looking innocently at me (for I’ve forgotten it).  However, since I have started reading the book, I can’t stop, it was calling out to me.  Thus I have read the book again even though I have read it already.  This prove how nice the story really is.

Thus I will recommend the Soverign Stone Trilogy by Magaret Weis and Tracy Hickman to any devotees of the fantasy world.  Read it, it is a very good story.


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