World Cup is not important to Star Players?

In Sports on 19 June, 2006 at 3:00 pm

I’ve heard over this afternoon radio whereby some audiences who called in and said that playing for the country is not important to those soccer players who had made their name.  This is because these star players are normally paid handsomely by their private club, like those in English Premier League, and they wouldn’t stress themselves to go all out for the World Cup.  Since in the event they might get injured and cost them their career, especially when their private club will urge them not to do that.

This is quite far from the truth…

Private club will hope that their investment will not be injured during the World Cup season.  But those star players who thought the same have no place in the World Cup.  Look at Wayne Rooney, he suffered an injury during the English Premier Leagure season, but how eager was him to play after he himself think that he has recovered.  This make his club manager not very happy with him.  How about Michael Owen?  He is definitely a star player, but if you don’t think so, he is still handsomely paid by their private club, especially in Real Madrid.  Why did he get a pay cut to just go to Newcastle?  Because he wants to be selected in this World Cup.  In Real Madrid although he was highly paid, he was mostly on the bench, this is not good as he will not be conditioned enough to play for World Cup, which is confirmed by England coach.  Thus he decided to go back to English Premier League where he can always start as the first 11.

If you are a star player and you have made all the money you want, what more do you want?  Glory.  And what better game to give you glory then playing superbly in the World Cup?  This is like an athlete who win in all major competition and earn herself a few million but is without an olympic gold.  You will be always a star player but you will never be a legend like Pele, Maradona and Beckenbauer.  Eric Cantona was a superb player under Manchester United but he didn’t shine in the World Cup stage for France.  Thus anyone who didn’t watch English Premier League will ask: “Eric who?”.  And anyone watching English Premier League will know about George Best and will regret that he didn’t shine in the world stage.

Any star player who just think about the money he made in his private club will just be that, a star player.  He will never be a legend.  10 or 20 years down the road and few will remember who these star players are.  And Pele, everyone who loves soccer still know about Pele.


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