This is how an article should be read

In Programming on 21 June, 2006 at 3:00 pm

The good thing about Windows Presentation Foundation that Microsoft will be releasing together with Windows Vista is that it allow text to automatically flow into column, instead of current fixed width presentation of text.  Study have shown that it is easier to read text in column than text that span the whole width of the screen.  This is exactly the same reason why the printed newspaper is done this way.  And because human uses pattern matching to read, a standard spacing is also easier to read.  Instead of making the text left justified (like in this blog) and having the ugly non-align right ending, WPF will also automatically split word and add a hyphen to make the column width stay the same.  Moreover, WPF will also help to flow the text into pages.  In this way, you will just need to press the next button to get to the next paragraph of the article instead of scrolling.  Scrolling will actually make you lose track of where you have stopped and thus time is wasted to re-track.

By solving all these issues that have made on screen reading not a good idea, Microsoft has generated a way to read article as if you are reading a newspaper.  New York Times will be the first online newspaper to make use of WPF to present to their reader a much relaxing read.  I hope this will take root and all online article will be viewed this way.  Then it will be easier for me to read my morning “paper”.


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