The 4 Concepts

In Programming on 28 June, 2006 at 3:00 pm

In trying to design a great software with great User Experience (UX) most developers and designers will normally follow 4 great concepts.  They are:

  1. Functional
  2. Aesthetic
  3. Interaction
  4. Process

By using these 4 concepts, you will be able to generate great memories of using the software and thus create an emotional connection.

The software has to be functional, it must achieve all the objectives of the user and in a way that is elegant and advantageous to the user. A knife can open a can which meet the objective of the user but it is better to use a can opener.  Most importantly the user must feel that the software works great!

The software should be beautiful.  Human will naturally be attracted to things that are beautiful.  A set of black and dull speakers can serve it purpose of giving great sound effect but a set of great looking speakers will add to the warmth of the room and at the same time give you great sound effect.  Most importantly the user must feel that the software look great!

The software should create interaction.  A coffee machine that make 2 cups of coffee at one go helps to create togetherness.  You and your friend can enjoy coffee together without the need to wait.  Your coffee will not get cold while waiting for your friend’s coffee to be made.  Most importantly the user must be able to relate to your software!

The software should take care of the process of getting the user to her objectives.  Imagine that you are going for a vacation in a special hotel.  You interact with the hotel’s online reservation system, it is a joy to use.  You then took a cruise to the island where the hotel is situated.  When you arrive at the island you find the scenery is so beautiful.  And when you finally arrive at the hotel you are floored by the service that you received.  This create a whole experience of the process in getting to the hotel.


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