You mean bike is allowed on a bus?

In Personal on 6 July, 2006 at 3:00 pm

I was reading The Old New Thing and Raymond was talking about how to use the bike rack on a Metro bus which even include a detailed instruction on how to use one.  This is really something new to me.  In Singapore, your own bike can’t go on to a bus, and no external rack is there for your bike to be secure to.  So how do you get to a place that is suitable for biking and which is much further from your house?

There are only 3 options available.  You can ride all the way to your destination, which for me is very tiring.  So unless you are those type that participate frequently in triathlon or marathon running, you wouldn’t want to choose this option.  Or else if you have a car and a bike rack or if your car has space to store your bike, then you can surely drive there with your bike.  Since car is expensive, this will normally not be a viable option.  That bring me to the last option, you can’t take your bike along.  Most of the time, those places that are suitable for biking will have a few bike rental shops around.  Thus you can always rent a bike at the destination and enjoy your biking adventure.

It would be really great that Singapore can adopt a system like those in US but then again what will happen to those rental shops?


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