The rise to Power

In Books on 9 July, 2006 at 3:00 pm

As I have recently completed re-reading the book “Magician by Raymond E. Feist”, the last chapter talks about the crowning of a new King and the new King in turn confers titles to personage who had given much to the rift war.  It is always very satisfying reading about all those who deserve to be rewarded are finally rewarded.  Thus the last few chapters brought me to the wee hour of the night.

Spoilers and long winded account ahead.

As the mad King was killed by the Tsurani enemies and the next in line of ascension, the Prince of Krondor, was also killed unfortunately, it was left to the 3 sons of the late Prince of Krondor to claim the right as King.  Since the eldest will get the right prior to the younger brother and that the late Prince of Krondor had acknowledged his illegitimate son, Martin, on his death bed, Martin being the eldest was offered the crown first.  He abdicated his rights so as to avoid a possible civil war as other dukes might not agree to his claim.  Lyam, the second son (supposedly the original eldest son) lay claim to the crown and was pronounced the King.

After the coronation, Lyam summon all those who had exceptional contribution in the rift war.  As the Kingdom is vast and is further divided into the west and the east for easy governance, the King rules the east exclusively and the Prince of Krondor will help govern the west.  Lyam name Arutha, his younger brother as the Prince of Krondor, since he is well honored by all in the west.  Kasumi, the tsurani who aided in creating peace for the Kingdom and friend of the main character Pug, was name Earl of LaMut for his great service.  To his eldest brother, the King name him the Duke of Crydee, Crydee is the homeland of all the brothers who laid claim to the crown and it is a place of great importance in the west, second only to Krondor.

As for Pug, the main character of the story, the keep boy, after becoming the apprentice of the Lesser Path magician Kulgan, he has come a long way.  He wasn’t suited to be a lesser path magician as he can’t control the magic properly and because his world does not produce any magician of Greater Path, he was left perplexed.  He was later captured by the Tsurani (a world that is on another planet, connected through a magical portal) and later on recognized as a potential “Great One” -a magician of the Greater Path and a rank outside the law in Tsurani who only bow down to the Emperor of Tsurani.  Pug passed the test and became a Great One.  With study and experience he was able to realize his full potential and became a Greater Path Magician with immense power unsurpass by even those in Tsurani.  A turn of event brought him back to his own world and at the death bed of the late Prince of Krondor, he was being adopted by the late Prince, bearing the royal family name conDoin.

Lyam called Pug forward and announced to the world that he has been adopted as one of the royal family.  From now on Pug will be known as Prince of the Realm, Pug conDoin.


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