Advantages and Disadvantages of C# as compared to C++

In Programming on 11 July, 2006 at 3:00 pm


  1. While no programming language lets programmers write entirely bug-free programs, C# goes a long way in comparison with C and C++.
  2. With Windows Form and later on WPF (especially with the aid of Expression Interactive Designer), C# is great for Rapid Application Development (RAD).
  3. C# is safer to run.  Since C# program is compiled into an intermediate language, the OS can always check it to see that no malicious code is about.
  4. C# combines the old and the new in an almost perfect balance.  C# duplicates much of the concise syntax of C and also adds modern, object-oriented features while retaining very little unnecessary baggage from C.
  5. Cost of maintenance for C# is definitely much lower than that of C++.  This is a positive side effect of C# helping programmers to write program that is as bug free as possible.
  6. C# can make use of every feature available in WPF, making it one of the languages that can work perfectly with WPF.


  1. C# is slower to run.  This is somewhat taken care of when using WPF, although currently the launching of WPF application is still a bit slow.  However, after the program is launched, the animation effects are all very smooth.
  2. C# is less flexible than C++.  C# depends greatly on .NET framework, anything that is not found in the .NET framework will be difficult to implement.

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