Applications = Code + Markup

In Programming on 9 September, 2006 at 1:30 pm

Charles Petzold is at it again.  I have just finished Chapter 2 and I am hook!  After playing around with Windows Presentation Foundation for nearly a year, he still managed to give me a whole new perspective on WPF programming.  With just 2 chapters under my belt, I have already learn much more about the Window class.  LinearGradientBrush class is also now much more clearer to me.  I believe I have made a good investment on this book and it will definitely help me on my way to WPF nirvana!

  1. damn … you must be in estasy forbeing able to play with all these. still remember the “WFP” that we built during our school days.

  2. Is it something that goes like Windows Foundation Project. Ha! I’ve forgotten about its name totally!
    I still remember what it is about but definitely not the name. Care to enlighten me?

  3. I can’t remembered what it was called too, but it’s something around building Windows API classes that to be used by some CAD software to do drawing right, instead of relying on Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) At least I used that learning to build my own NT3D utility. Yes, even before windowblinds exists!

  4. Yeah, its for the company call ATS. This experience actually help me to convinced my then Senior Engineer that I really know a lot about C/C++ and Windows. But luckily till
    now he didn’t regret employing me. Ha! But since then, I’m tied to MFC for like over 10 years already. Dabbling with WPF is actually quite fun. I should have show you that day what it can do, but I don’t think the rest would be that interes
    ted. 🙂

  5. Oh yeah, that’s true, I’ve heard and seen what your NT3D can do before someone even crack that idea of a Windowblinds!

  6. one day must show me about WPF! a good refresher after dealing with enterprise systems for 10 years …

  7. Sure. No problem. I’m also hoping that my company will go WPF in one of our future product. I’ve heard that SingHealth is going to lever
    age on it as well.

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