Martial Art Week?

In Martial Art on 2 October, 2006 at 3:00 pm

One of my colleague ask me whether I saw a documentary on National Geographic last night.  It is actually the so called martial art week for National Geographic, starting yesterday (I think).  And they are going to run a series of documentary on martial art; Chinese, Japanese, Korean or whatever culture that develop a way to use your body or simple weapon to fight.

According to my colleague the documentary yesterday said that the ultimate fighting weapon (other than modern day guns, of course) is the samurai sword.  I seriously doubt so.  A simple “stick” in the hand of a Chinese martial art master can be very deadly.  It is said that in Chinese martial arts, the staff (棍) is the hardest to master.  It will take 10 years just to learn all the fundamental techniques.  The staff is so flexible in the hand of a master that I don’t think the samurai sword can easily cut it into pieces.  You don’t need to go head on with a person or another weapon to be deadly.


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