Remembering October 12

In Personal on 12 October, 2006 at 3:30 pm

Bombings on 2 nightclubs killed 202 people in Bali, 12th October 2002.  At midnight 12th October 2006, a 12km length of cloth symbolizing peace was rolled out at Jimbaran beach by a group of Balinese.  The cloth begin at a cafe (one of 3 cafes that was hit by a subsequent bombing in October 2005), goes down along the road, to the front of Bali international airport, and then finally end at a memorial to the victims of the 2002 attacks in the busy tourist district of Kuta. The cloth is purposely placed on the road so that anyone can step on it and remind them of the tragedies that were hail upon this land.

One of my colleague told me that his brother was there at one of the cafes that was bombed.  He was at the 2nd floor and narrowly escaped the bombing because the suicide bomber activated the bomb at the ground floor.  Fortunately the bomb was not powerful enough to level the whole cafe, if not it will really be a very sad day for my colleague.


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