2 – 7 = ?

In Software on 25 October, 2006 at 7:00 pm

Hot on the heels of Internet Explorer 7 released, Mozilla launch a new version of their much acclaim internet browser, Firefox 2.  Firefox 2 with improved tab browsing, newly added features like spell checker, search suggestions, session restore, live titles, live bookmarks and with a new streamlined interface to boot will definitely re-ignite the battle between the 2 arch-rival.

So can 2 take on the 7?  You be the judge.

  1. how about the safari browser for Windows platform? 😀

  2. Yeah, that is one browser that I’ll need to try, esp with all the hype about 2x performance of IE7. But
    my other friend who tried it hang his computer, so now I’m a bit skeptical. I’m now a hybrid user, IE7 at home and Firefox at work.

  3. it is still in BETA, Safari that is. It will be a contender on windows.

  4. Yeah, it will def be a contender, but the software (from what I’ve heard) is still more like Alpha.

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