Where is the launch party?

In OS on 30 January, 2007 at 10:47 am

So the day of Windows Vista Launch is here, 30th Jan 2007.  I’ve read about the launch party in New York: the wall dancers that pull down the flag which make up the Windows Vista logo that signify the start of the “Wow”.  Eager to see or even read about the launch event that will happen in Singapore, I’ve check out our local computer store.  One of our major computer store, the Challenger, even had the original Windows XP shelves change to bare the Windows Vista Logo, though the products on display are still Windows XP.  Puzzled, I ask the store assistant and the store assistant told me that they are indeed selling Windows Vista.  I was so happy and immediately follow the store assistant to check out the Windows Vista they are selling.  I was to be disappointed again, they are selling Windows Vista alright, but the OEM version, a version that is use by computer manufacturer to install on new PC.  A version with just a transparent slim plastic box which seems to mean that Vista is not launch in Singapore.  Yet.  Checking with Microsoft Singapore website?  No news.  Local Sony, HP websites are still selling PC that is preloaded with Windows XP.  No deal.  The only OEM that sell PC with Windows Vista is Dell, and they are saying that it is a special promotion period until 5th Feb.

Thus on the launch day of Windows Vista, nothing seems to have change in Singapore, no launch party, no Windows Vista.  Guess the wait is still on.


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