The game that lasted 108min!

In Sports on 31 January, 2007 at 9:04 am

What drama!  What a shame!  And it would be a total disaster for Asean soccer scene if the game ended with Thailand conceding the game by walking out of the stadium.  It was the 1st leg of the final match for Asean Football Championship, Singapore vs Thailand.  The score was 1:1 and at about 82min into the game, the Referee decided to give a Penalty to Singapore!  Apparently to the referee, a Thai player had brought down a Singapore player in the penalty box.  Thanks to MediaCorp’s camera that cannot capture fast motion properly, the replay wasn’t clear enough to see whether it is indeed a foul or not.  Almost immediately Thai players walk out of the pitch and decided not to continue with the game.  The referee did not and could not back away, he was firm and decided to wait.

Match officials immediately came in to persuade Thai players and coach to return to the game.  They weren’t successful.  When it seems like the Thai were going to concede the AFC cup to Singapore, a turn of event saw them back into the game again.  Singapore’s Mustafic Fahrudin step up to take the penalty and did not disappoint.  It was 2:1 for Singapore!  And Singapore won the first leg of the AFC Final.

It was a shame that sportsmanship did not prevail.


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