Something simple?

In Personal on 5 June, 2007 at 11:00 am

I’ve always wonder how something that seems to be so simple can turn out to be quite difficult.  Take for example the installation of a hand spray in the toilets of my new house.  To me it should be just half an hour job for both toilet.  So after buying the connector pipe (to divert the original water source to the new hand spray), I went to the new house to install the hand spray.  Disaster!  The connector I’ve bought is a T shape and a L shape pipe, since the original pipe is close to the wall, I can’t screw the connector pipe in!  The pipe can’t turn freely because they are not straight (the bent end will hit the wall and thus can’t turn).  So back to the drawing board.  After some thinking and some finding, I need to use a straight brass pipe and then use 2 screw head to secure both end, one to the T shape connector and the other to the original pipe.  This way, the screw head can be turn and tighten even though it is just beside a wall.  So, happily went to the new house to install, then another problem.  One of the flexible pipe is not long enough because the use of a short pipe and a T shape connector has increase the length of the original pipe.  Thus needs to go out and purchase a longer flexible pipe.  After solving all the problem and fumbling with the fixing of the new pipe connector (especially in such a tight corner), the whole thing that should just last half an hour, took more than 3 hours to accomplish.  Sigh…

  1. that’s why you should just get a plumber, who would provide you a plumbling service that hides all the complexities and make it as transparent as possible. Until the day where everything down to each components standardise, the only thing you can only standardise is service. 😉 sounds familiar? 🙂

  2. I nearly wanted to call in the plumber at about near to the 3 hr mark but decided to carry on instead. So at least now I’ve something better to remember every time I see that hand spray. BTW, Service in Singapore is also difficult to standardize.

  3. guess where I was coming from is this is a good analogy of a service-oriented architecture 😀

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