Day 2 in Shanghai

In Personal on 13 December, 2007 at 10:12 am

Tonight is really cold.  Really really cold.  I think it is the wind, and it don’t like my hand a lot.  My hand become numb just taking a walk for like 5 minute.  Now I can understand why people wear long jacket that is up to the knee.  Without it your lower body just don’t have enough protection from the cold weather.  And I really need those gloves that they are selling out on the streets.  While I was longing for those gloves, some other hawker just shout and the hawker who is selling those gloves just wrap up his merchandise and prepare to run off.  So did the rest of the hawkers, then they found out that it was a false alarm and they went back to their sales talk.  It is a scene that wasn’t around in Singapore for like few decades already.

It’s good that I am now in my cozy hotel room blogging.  So tomorrow will be the day I go back to Singapore, a hot and humid place.  My flight will be at 23:45 and it will be a great flight home.


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