Of Dungeons and Dragons

In Gaming on 27 July, 2008 at 10:10 pm

It is now the 4th edition.  I’ve just received the collector’s edition of this latest edition which I’ve ordered from  Everything has changed!  No Druid in the latest version of Player’s Handbook!  But I must say that it is now much simpler and much straight forward to really enjoy the game itself.  You just needs to remember one core mechanic to really play the game, roll one 20 sided dice, add any modifier to the dice roll and if the result is higher or equal to the difficulty rating, you succeed in what you want to do (as in to hit that Ogre Mage, to climb that slippery wall or even to dodge the fiery breath of that ancient Red Dragon).

Each character level has been sub-divided into 3 tiers.  The first is the Hero tier, this means that even a level 1 character is considered as a Hero, player character is different from those run-of-the-mill non player character.  You’re a Hero once you start to play D&D, how cool is that?  After playing for 10 level and killing some dire monster, starting at level 11, you will begin the next tier, that of the Paragon (which means a model of excellence or perfection), with the additional power that you’ve gained, you can now fight more powerful monster, accomplish more impossible task and move yourself nearer to the next tier.  And when you reach level 21, you are now a legend and you embark on your Epic (the last tier) journey.  Now you know that you can reach any goal that you set, even that of becoming a God.

I’ve been playing the 3rd Edition with Neverwinter Nights 2 and I hope that soon I can play the 4th Edition on my computer.  I just can’t wait.


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