Slow resizing?

In Programming on 8 October, 2008 at 7:00 pm

Ever feels that the WPF application that you are working on, seems to maximize or resize quite slowly?  If your system is not using a top end graphic card (e.g. on board graphic chip or Nvidia 9300 GS) the likely culprit might be the bitmap effect “dropshadow”.  Since bitmap effect is software rendered, turning on bitmap effect “dropshadow” on a large piece of UI graphic will be quite taxing on the graphic engine, thus resulting in somewhat slow performance when maximizing or resizing.  Turning these off will let you get a instantaneous performance boost.

If you have installed the Windows SDK and choose to install the WPF Performance Suite as well, you can make use of the Perforator which will let you see what part of your WPF app is rendered in software (if you’re using Vista, just do a Instant search for WPFPerf.exe).  If you have some performance issue with WPF application, this tool will be your friend, make full use of it!


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