Omnia? No thanks.

In Electronic on 10 October, 2008 at 7:00 pm

But that is just my personal feeling, I’ve never like those phone without any keypad anyway.  Though I should say that SMS with Omnia is definitely better than iPhone as the predictive text input pick out the word that I want to type just after 3 characters, for iPhone it is like until the 2nd last character.  Overall the phone is sturdy, nice screen and it has a side bar kind of thing that let you drag and drop application just like the side bar on Vista.  The 5 mega pixel camera let you take really sharp picture such that even text on a printed label can be seen very clearly.  Also it has a smile detection feature, good for taking cute baby, you just need to point the camera and wait for the baby to smile and you have a very good picture to keep for memory.  Size wise it is just nice to hold when you want to make a phone call.

However the problem with Omnia is the Windows Mobile 6.1.  Since the OS has its own icon and Samsung take pain to create nice looking icon to complement their nice phone, the default icon use by the system look very much out of place.  And why is it that every Windows Mobile phone’s default system icon look so jagged, I thought by now icon should be looking sharp with so much advancement in technology.  What a disappointment.


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