Bing is the new Google?

In Software on 1 June, 2009 at 11:10 pm

There I’ve said it.  And after a few years with Google, I am happy that I can actually says this.  This new search engine, or decision engine as Microsoft puts it, is way cooler than Google.  It is as simple as Google but with a touch of class.  Bing put an image on an otherwise boring first page and with a change of new font, give itself a modernized look.  Using Silverlight, Bing is also able to hide not so important meta data until the user call for it, thus putting the search data in the front row but still give the user additional information when it is needed.

However, can the new Bing bring back the bacon?  All this improvement will means nothing if Bing cannot bring you the website that you are trying to find, the news that you want to read or the image that you want to keep.  So far, it is quite there.  Definitely better than Live Search, MSN Search or what not, and it feels as good as Google.  But the verdict is still out.  Bing or Google, I will need more millage to confirm this.


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