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Ouch! You mean that was an April Fool’s joke?

In Personal on 4 August, 2006 at 3:00 pm

There I was telling people that Apple is going to make a portable gaming device come this end of year, never knowing that it was all a hoax!

Several months ago (can you believed it I was fooled for several months) I picked up a copy of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), in there was an article talking about Apple making iGame. It never occur to me that an April issue of EGM might contains an April Fool’s joke!  Thus I fell into the trap and kept on telling people that Apple is going into portable gaming market; and that they will be struggling to fight giants like Sony and Nintendo.

Oh well, I’ve to admit that EGM is really creative and they got me on that one.  Ouch!


Mac Attack!

In OS on 16 July, 2006 at 3:00 pm

Recently Apple released a new slew of ad campaign which target “so called” PC’s weak point.  They have a nerdy looking guy acting as a PC and a young guy dressed in jeans acting as a Mac.  So the ad start with these 2 guys standing beside each other and goes “Hi I’m a Mac”, “And I’m a PC”.  You can check out the clips from here (oh yeah, if you’re not on a Mac, you will need to install the Quicktime player, dude) .

These ads actually created a back lash from the community.  Check out this article on Slate just to see what one of these guys think.  And because of this someone actually came out with a spoof to get back at Apple.  Be sure to check out this spoof just for a good laugh.

So do you mean stupid stupid or cool stupid?