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Freedom does not exist

In Personal on 13 February, 2006 at 6:30 am

Or I should say total freedom does not exist and should not exist.  With freedom comes responsibilities, which will then create a limited freedom.  We exist in a world where there are lots and lots of different people and with modern technology, interaction between these different different kind of people has become much more easier.  Thus total freedom that disregard the feelings of others does not exist and should not be allowed to exist.  If it exist, it will lead to destruction of human society and in the end a compromise will be reach whereby a limited freedom come into play.

Freedom should exist in a sandbox guarded by our rules and sensitivity to others.   If I can just go into your property and disfigure one of your tree, that is not freedom, that will lead to total chaos.  If I can just create a story about someone’s reputation and state it as fact, that is not freedom, that is total disregard of the meaning of freedom.  Freedom in itself comes responsibilities.