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Fabulous Gifts and Lucky Draws from our AD&D.

In Personal on 26 December, 2006 at 2:52 am

How rich is my boss or should I say my company’s CEO?  During my company’s 15th Anniversary celebration, he personally top the day’s 1st prize with a Grand Prize of S$15,000.  This year is our company’s 25th Anniversary and there is rumour a plenty of a grand prize of S$25,000.  However, since he is the one who sponsor all the gifts and prizes for this year celebration, he managed to top everyone’s expectation.  There is a door gift that give you a duffle bag, a small little cute panda bear, a bottle of mineral water, a poncho and a bag of party goodies.  The 4th and 5th prize of the lucky draw is a 42″ LG Plasma TV, the 3rd is S$10,000 cash, the 2nd is S$15,000 cash and the 1st Prize is S$25,000 cash!

That’s not all, there is a mystery draw called Your Dream Comes True, where our CEO will draw out a number of participants, as many as he likes (in the end, he draws out a total of 10), and each participants will state the gifts he or she wants.  The host will state the amount of money that is needed to buy the gifts, and the participants will choose from 48 mystery square which will contain an amount ranging from $1,000 to an undisclosed sum where our CEO states that it can be equal to his personal total worth (he is a multi-millionaire).  If the mystery square contain a sum that is equal or greater than the amount to buy your gifts, you win that amount stated to buy the gift.  So for example, if you are chosen as a participant and wanted a tag hauer watch that cost $8,000, you will then choose a square from the 48 or remaining mystery box and if the box contain a figure of S$52,000, you win the S$8,000.  If it is any amount lesser, you get a $250 voucher and even though the box might contain a figure much higher than your stated gift, you win the stated amount and not that figure that is on the box.  Thus in the above example, you win S$8,000 and not S$52,000.  After this game, it is disclose that highest sum on the mystery box is a whopping S$225,000.  The others are S$125,000, S$100,000, S$88,000, and S$52,000.  Some of the winners won S$5,000, S$10,000 and the highest win is S$30,000.

To top it all, our CEO came out with a crazy Toto, whereby each staff and guest has a slip that contain 12 different number out of a possible 1 to 25.  Our CEO will then draw out 6 balls and anyone who get all 6 numbers out of the 12 on the slip wins the draw.  It turn out that more than 2,000 people win the draw.  Our CEO initially states that he will give out a sum of money and winners will all share the pool of money.  He first stated the pool as S$125,000 and thus all winners will just get S$62.50.  Then he just said that he will push the sum to S$100 each and ask us whether it is enough, the answer was of course no.

He then ask an up and coming singer (who just sang in our AD&D) 蔡淳佳 to state a sum that everyone should win, considering not to cost our CEO too much money, she stated a cautious S$150 each.  Our CEO said it is too little, and with a careful thought 蔡淳佳 give a final S$200 each.  There were still quite a number of people who are not statisfy with the amount and our CEO himself came up and said that the amount is still too little.  He finally states that since he esitmate the possible winning tickets to be at least 2,500, he is willing to give a winning money of S$1,000 each!  That is a whopping S$2.5 million that he is giving out!

Thus a fairy tale ending to a fairy tale night, no wonder he called it a once in a life time event.