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The Pride of Japanese

In Personal on 21 August, 2006 at 3:00 pm

In Japan whenever a tour coach leave the hotel, the staff of the hotel will always come out to bow and wave to the tourist.  They will keep waving to the tourist even though the coach was already very far away.  This also happen at the Otaru Seafood Restaurant.  This is really the pride of Japanese and the epitome of Japanese hospitality.

When I came back to Singapore, my family went to a local seafood restaurant.  My mum accidentally spills her tea, a waitress saw it, but she pretends not to and just walks away.  Service DNA?  I think we still have a long way to go.


Cash is King in Japan

In Personal on 19 August, 2006 at 3:00 pm

When I was in Japan last July, one thing really puzzled me: Why is it that most places in Japan don’t accept credit card!?!  This is especially true in their restaurants, which are all on cash term only.  So to treat a group of 10 people to a good meal, you need to bring along hundreds of thousands of yen so that you can pay the meal in cash!  This is so outdated!

Trip to Hokkaido, Japan

In Personal on 2 August, 2006 at 3:56 pm

Last week, I was on a much needed vacation trip to Hokkaido for 7 days.  Actually its just 5 full days in Hokkaido as the first and last days were spent traveling to airport after airport after airport.  The initial flight of 6 and a half hour take us to Tokyo’s Narita airport, then we need to take a coach for another 1 hour to transfer to Tokyo’s Haneda airport and take another flight of about 1 and a half hour to reach Hokkaido’s Chitose airport.

Hokkaido Country Road

Overall it is a nice trip.  It would have been a great trip if not for the constant need to travel in a coach.  Hokkaido scenery is really very nice; when you get to the top of certain mountain, you can actually see the opposite mountain with clouds floating below your current level.  This is definitely a rare sight for us city dwellers.

Hokkaido Flower Season Plantation

The floral plantations are simply magnificent.  We actually went to 2 of the bigger plantation.  The above plantation is somewhere near to Furano and it is called Four Season Plantation (a somewhat direct translation from the Japanese name). The other which is an even bigger plantation is situated at Furano, call Tomita Farm.  There you can see one whole big patch of rainbow flower plantation.

Hokkaido Otaru Seaport

Hokkaido is also well known for its seafood spread.  Every meal for us consists of seafood: salmon, crabs and more crabs!  At the above place, Otaru Seaport, you can find live king crab that cost a minimum of 10,000 yen, which is roughly equal to SGD $138!