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How serious is Singapore Government on payment of TV License?

In Personal on 18 May, 2006 at 3:00 pm

They are dead serious; They will haul you to courts if you ignore all their 3 reminders, including one that is sent by registered mail.  And if you still ignore the court order, a warrant of arrest will be issued against you.

I was unlucky enough to face the music, but it is not a warrant of arrest yet.  It was a court order.  TV licensing is under Media Development Authority (MDA).  Every property that has a TV must apply for a TV license.  The court order was sent by MDA through registered mail.  Since the letter just bear the logo of MDA, I thought it was some advertisement and didn’t open it straight away.  When I finally found a chance to open the letter, it was a court order from the Subordinate Court.  To my horror as well, I have missed the time frame to pay a compound fine so that I won’t need to appear in court.

Thinking that I will need to go to court (my very first time if I did and I was thinking that at least it will be an unforgettable experience), I just called MDA today to make sure that there was no other way out, that I must face the Magistrate and give some explanation.  Surprisingly the MDA officer told me that I was still in time for the compounded fine if I go down to their office today to pay the fine.  So I did, and I got myself onto their automatic deduction system, so that I won’t forget again.