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Vista is fast on HP Mini

In Electronic, OS on 20 February, 2009 at 7:00 am

I’ve always been wondering why netbook can’t run Vista properly.  Somehow a lot of review have put it that if a netbook is using Vista it will take a performance hit.  A modern processor at 1.6Ghz and 1GB of RAM can’t run a modern Vista OS?  I know that Vista is resource hungry but I don’t think it is that resource hungry.  After some thoughts, I felt that the reason might be due to the slow hard disk that most netbook are using, since Vista is always doing file indexing on the fly and will thus cause a performance dip if the hard disk is slow.

After trying out Sony Vaio P at the Sony shop, it is confirmed that Vista felt sluggish on the Vaio P which is using a 1.3Ghz Atom but with 2GB of RAM.  But I still have my doubts. Then when I get my hand on a HP Mini 1000 (1012TU), I’ve decided to install a dual boot Vista on top of the XP to try out the theory.  I was thinking that if it is slow then I’ll just turn off the file indexing and see whether the speed will become decent.  However, after successfully getting Vista installed, I feel that it is fast, as fast as the XP that was originally installed and I did not do any tweaking and this is even with Aero turn on!  This confirm the theory that with 1GB of RAM Vista should be as fast as XP.

So why is it that people are saying that netbook can’t take Vista?  I feel that this is because the manufacturer want to sell the netbook cheap, the first netbook came installed with Linux but Linux is not something that people are comfortable to use (not all people, at least) and soon people are asking for a Window version.  But if HP, Dell, Lenovo and what not put Vista on their netbook, the cost will be much higher than those netbook that comes with Linux.  Thus Windows XP came into the scene.  Being cheaper than Vista, manufacturer can thus keep the price range of netbook.  To justify the choice, they make use of the negative image of Vista, since netbook comes with cheap setup, it can’t run Vista.  And it seems like they are successful in this marketing gimmick.


Vista launch press coverage inaccuracies, corrected

In OS on 2 February, 2007 at 6:00 am

With all the big hoo ha and bashing of Windows Vista on the web, a web post finally do some justice.  A point that I especially like is:

“Any “expert” that says that you should not buy Windows Vista for security should be locked up and never allowed to write ever again.

As  a developer I know for a fact that patching an inherent flaw within the software architecture does not solve the problem entirely.  This is especially true when security is concerned.  This is like when a weak point is found in a defence wall and breached, patching the hole later on does not give you a stronger wall.  The whole structure of the wall has already been weakened and thus future breach will be possible.

The "Wow" starts now!

In OS on 2 February, 2007 at 6:00 am

This is an event that I need to go.  Its sort of a wrap up for the journey that was started on September 2005, when I attended the Professional Developer Conference at L.A. and first saw an updated Windows Vista that is very similar to the one launched worldwide on 30th January 2007.  A journey that “wow” me, not because of Windows Vista itself, but because of the new platform that software developer can now leverage on.

Its a Wrap!

Vista Fiesta!

In OS on 31 January, 2007 at 7:53 am

Finally!  Some information on the Windows Vista launch date in Singapore!  Its Fiesta indeed!  2 days after the world wide launch of Windows Vista, the Wow is coming to Singapore!

Where is the launch party?

In OS on 30 January, 2007 at 10:47 am

So the day of Windows Vista Launch is here, 30th Jan 2007.  I’ve read about the launch party in New York: the wall dancers that pull down the flag which make up the Windows Vista logo that signify the start of the “Wow”.  Eager to see or even read about the launch event that will happen in Singapore, I’ve check out our local computer store.  One of our major computer store, the Challenger, even had the original Windows XP shelves change to bare the Windows Vista Logo, though the products on display are still Windows XP.  Puzzled, I ask the store assistant and the store assistant told me that they are indeed selling Windows Vista.  I was so happy and immediately follow the store assistant to check out the Windows Vista they are selling.  I was to be disappointed again, they are selling Windows Vista alright, but the OEM version, a version that is use by computer manufacturer to install on new PC.  A version with just a transparent slim plastic box which seems to mean that Vista is not launch in Singapore.  Yet.  Checking with Microsoft Singapore website?  No news.  Local Sony, HP websites are still selling PC that is preloaded with Windows XP.  No deal.  The only OEM that sell PC with Windows Vista is Dell, and they are saying that it is a special promotion period until 5th Feb.

Thus on the launch day of Windows Vista, nothing seems to have change in Singapore, no launch party, no Windows Vista.  Guess the wait is still on.

Go ahead, buy that PC

In OS on 26 October, 2006 at 3:00 pm

To help you in making that decision on whether to buy a new PC this holiday season or to wait until Windows Vista is launched, Microsoft announced the Express Upgrade program.  This program allows any Windows Vista Capable PC bought between 26 October 2006 and 15 March 2007 to be upgraded to Windows Vista or even Office 2007 if that PC comes pre-installed with Office 2003.  This program is provided by Microsoft for a nominal fee.

The catch is that, it is still unknown what this “nominal fee” will cost you and which edition of Windows Vista this program will get you.  Thus it is still best to wait for PC manufacturers to announce their own program which will definitely be some form of free upgrade.  But with this push from Microsoft, you can be sure that a free upgrade is definitely on the way.

Updated: In US, Gateway and Dell have announced that customers who buy systems from now till March 2007 will get free upgrade to Windows Vista when the OS is shipped.  Dell on the other hand is going to charge customers US$45 for a Windows XP Home to Windows Vista Home Basic upgrade and shipping/handling cost for a Windows XP Pro to Windows Vista Home Premium upgrade.

It is also available to those on CPP

In OS on 7 October, 2006 at 11:34 am

Microsoft will also let those users who have Windows Vista RC1 (which means that they are on Customer Preview Program, CPP) to download RC2 as well.  Those who are interested can visit this page.  The download will be for a limited period only.  Microsoft also states that RC2 will not receive as much support as RC1 via Windows Update and that RC2 might not be able to upgrade to the full RTM version when Windows Vista ships.

Windows Vista RC2 is available

In OS on 7 October, 2006 at 11:20 am

Yes, it is now available to tech beta testers and soon MSDN subscribers will be able to download it.  RC2 will be the last preview build for Windows Vista.  Microsoft is targeting 25th October to release Windows Vista to those who are holding the enterprise volume license (or something like that).  Thus normal user should be able to purchase it come next year’s January.

The First Release Candidate for Windows Vista

In OS on 2 September, 2006 at 4:00 pm

Finally, the highly anticipated RC1 (Release Candidate 1) of Windows Vista has been released.  Build 5600 of Windows Vista is now the official RC1 at least according to Paul Thurrott’s RC1 review.  I can’t verify whether Beta Testers have received this RC1 or not, as it is weekend and I am not at work.  However, MSDN subscribers have not received it; I can verify this because MSDN subscribers can access their account online, and I’ve log on to my account and checked; The latest is still August CTP (Build 5536).  This means that I can only get my hand on RC1 when I get back to work on Monday.

If you are interested in knowing what is new since Beta 2, you can check out Paul Thurrot’s review that I have linked in the first paragraph.

Problem with Volume

In OS on 31 August, 2006 at 7:48 pm

Microsoft took a big knife and chop away the old audio architecture in Windows XP.  With that gone, they came up with a new audio architecture from ground up, aiming to make audio in Windows Vista less affected by any sudden peak in CPU usage.  When they are at it, they also make audio easier to use by changing the perspective from devices to end points like speakers, and headphones.

All these changes should be all well and good for users of Windows Vista, however, it make the job of audio application developer so much harder.  For example, in the midst of all these changes we lost the ability to change the master volume.  At first this seems to be OK, as Windows Vista implemented per-app volume and any application that is changing the master volume through the MMSystem API, Windows Vista will route it to the per-app volume.  However, it turns out that for certain media stream, this is not working, which is especially true for MIDI.

After several days of hard work, I’ve finally managed to chop up my application and make the old master volume into a brand new volume that truly affect only my own application.  But I’ve decided not to take part in Vista’s per-app volume eco-system; My argument is that since this is a feature that is being push by Microsoft, they have the responsibility to make it work for all application.